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Connect with clients and coaching providers through video conferencing. Set your availability on Calendar. Get notified by clients. Keep track of client notes and progress.

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Match employees with credible coaches. Follow through with reports. Measure and rate progress, impact and best practices of coaching.

Why Buddy Lourdes?

Welcome to the industry’s #1 leading tool to organize, automate scheduling reminders and report measurements to see results of coaching and mentoring experiences in your organisation. Buddy Lourdes team is on a mission to help all employees in organizations worldwide to improve and increase their performance at work. Our aim is to empower and improve these individuals at work for a better overall work performance and contributions to the organization towards the benefits of the organization. We provide you the platform for all employees to be coached and mentored and kept accountable on their growth to perform in your company.

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We take great pride to conduct Intelligent Matching processors that takes 20 minutes of live streaming conversations by your HODs, Coaches and Mentor. Once you connected all match of experts, you have to make a decision to choose the right HOD, Coach or Mentor you need for your employees.

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Are You READY to Finally Empower and Engage All of Your Employees by Just Having A SYSTEM?

Dear Friend,

I have created this system as I personally started my career as a filling clerk, to a secretary to a factory worker. During those days of employment, I did not have any chance to be coached or mentored by anyone in my company. My parents were well educated and I have a good cultured background. However something was missing which was my own passion to give more to my company. I wanted someone to coach me very much but I was not given that opportunity as my bosses only selected the Talented or the Successors to be coached or mentored. I longed for help but could not see it being organized for me since I was in the bottom line of the career ranking. I am proud to have built my own coaching and mentoring software for the people that could not have a chance. That’s right. This software is at a very minimal fees and I am even happier to give you a FREE TRIAL for a longer period on the event you needed so. My motto is to always make this world a better place in some way for employees to improve at work and climb up the ladder faster than they expected. And yes, I am making my dream come true.

I’ve also created an amazing FREE 2 days training for the L&D Department, HR Department and Training Department. This training will help your personnels to develop their core value skills and become a master thinker for developing high effective learning programs for their employees.

Yours in Excellence,

Cheryl Lourdes

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